My blog tends to focus on two main topics:  ‘Leadership and Management’ and ‘Turning Adversity to Advantage.’  Furthermore, many of my perspectives are drawn from my experiences of twelve years at Microsoft.  I read quote from Bill Gates recently which sort of pulled all of these three together.  The Taking Stock column (  “…decided to pin up its favourite quotes from the world’s top entrepreneurs. Top of the list was Bill Gates:  Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can’t lose.”  A great illustration of another silver lining for ‘failing’ which is ‘humility’ as well as a further example of Bill’s ‘Manager’ strengths appreciating the downside risks that are always present no matter how successful the individual or organisation.


The quote is very apropos coming from Gates.  Working in Microsoft, the second most common question I get from people is ‘what is Bill like?’ (the most common question being ‘have you met Bill’ and yes I have had the privilege).  The first thing that comes to mind is Bill’s humility.  No matter what heights he achieves and what accomplishments he racks up, he remains steadfastly humble about it all.  Part of that humility is his recognition that no matter how many times he has succeeded, failure could be right around the corner if not sufficiently diligent.