Ken Blanchard is one of the most popular authorities on Leadership and Management in the world.  His ‘One-Minute Manager’ is perhaps the most read piece on Management and his ‘Situational Leadership’ work is used in leadership training extensively.  He does like to produce very short, snappy, concise and to-the-point books full of similarly styled pithy observations and ‘The Heart of a Leader’ ( is the ultimate example of that style.  It is a collection of quotes about leadership and management complemented by a couple of sentences with an anecdote to illustrate the concept behind the quote.

His portrayal of Leaders and Managers is less descriptive and more proscriptive.  And his prescriptions are quite wide ranging from styles, behaviours, values, techniques, etc.  He does have a poignant description of the ‘upside opportunity’ that pre-occupies a Leader, labelling it ‘Vision.’:

“All great companies and teams have a visionary leader at the helm, who is always pointing at the kind of organisation they’re going to be.  People need to follow this type of leader. It inspires them and keeps them on track when difficulties arise.”