Gapingvoid’s Hugh McLeod (who illustrated The Dip and the creator of the now somewhat notorious ‘Blue Monster’ community) recently rattled off a list of 45 life lessons and observations about creativity in his ‘On Cartooning’ post. In the post, are two gems which I think articulate the envisioning upside element of Leadership and the avoiding downside of good Management…

“41. Art is simply using the tools at hand to ask the question, "What is possible?" Painting, music, literature, it doesn’t matter what media one uses. What matters is the question.

26. The most important word in cartooning is ‘continuity’. Drawing a good cartoon isn’t difficult. Doing it repeatedly, day-in, day-out is far, far harder.”

The ‘What is Possible’ question that is the art Leadership. ‘Continuity’ day in and day out at the heart of Management.