Today’s blog stemmed from an event I’ve started going when schedule permits where real flesh and blood blogging folk get together face to face for human interaction – the London Social Media Café. Started by veteran UK digerati Lloyd Davis, the LSMC meets on Friday mornings at what is becoming the Guerbois of the London social media scene, the Coach and Horses pub.

A few weeks ago, Toby Moores of Sleepydog led a discussion about the influence that bloggers play which led onto a discussion on various dimensions to the creative process. Toby talked about his business whose focus is generating creative ideas and noted, “We need to have 200 ideas to get one good one.” To which one of the group commented, ‘If you have enough ideas, then you can be prepared to throw away quite a few.’

Willingness to come up with the failed ideas you won’t use gets you to the good ones that change your business and more

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