Speaking of Guy Kawasaki recalls another variation of embracing failure and that is embracing your critics – confronting your at least alleged failures face to face. Guy is a renowned Microsoft gadfly (though he holds few punches for anyone including his old employer Apple). Who better to invite to Microsoft’s premier web developer event – Mix – for the premier session, an interview with CEO Steve Ballmer?

Guy’s very first line of the day was, “Who would have thought that I would ever be at a Microsoft event??” He goes on to add, “First of all I can’t tell you, I got this email out of the blue saying would you like to be the interviewer for Steve Ballmer at Mix 2008. I really thought that it was some kind of spoof. Surely someone doesn’t care about his career at Microsoft. Do you realise how career limiting that could be? But lo and behold here I am. I’m really happy to be here. Steve never invites me – Steve Jobs – to do this at MacWorld!”