The part of Biden’s acceptance that really struck me was the centrepiece of his speech talking about the American Dream. He talked about the crisis affecting not pockets of America, but pervasively across ‘middle’ America. He talked about the essence of the ‘Dream’ being that ‘their tomorrows would be better that their yesterdays’…

“Ladies and gentlemen, but today, today that American dream feels like it’s slowly slipping away. I don’t have to tell you that. You feel it every single day in your own lives. I’ve never seen a time when Washington has watched so many people get knocked down without doing anything to help them get back up…And, folks, these are not isolated discussions among families down on their luck. These are common stories among middle-class people who worked hard their whole life, played by the rules, on the promise that their tomorrows would be better than their yesterdays. That promise is the promise of America. It defines who we are as a people. And now it’s in jeopardy. I know it. You know it.”

And just this week, even more reports came out underscoring Biden’s observations. The comments evoked so many of my reflections in what turned out to be one of my most popular posts last year – The Death of Dreams.  One of my conclusions is that being faced with a ‘mid-life crisis’ where things are not working out as expected or hoped, calls for ‘Change’…which happens to be the very theme of the Obama campaign.

[I couldn’t resist illustrating today’s post with another of Hugh’s fine pieces on dream derailment though, in the context of the American election, it might read better as ‘America spent eight years…’]

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