Graf Nature Photography has a piece on ‘Embracing Failure’ which underscores how failure is not just in inevitable, but it is ‘an actual requirement’ for great photography and ‘expanding creativity’…

“Quite a few folks talk about failure as part of the process of learning, especially when it comes to expanding creativity.   The videos I posted from Ira Glass talk about it being part of the process – an actual requirement.  One of the bottom lines I took away from those videos … you are going to produce some crap – so get over it.”

When I was a travel writer in West Africa, I had the opportunity to work with a number of professional photographers.  While getting many of the fundamentals correct such as the lighting, angle and apparatus was important, I was struck at how much of getting that great shot was down to the brute force of simply taking large numbers of shots fully knowing that most of them would be failures and never used.  I was astonished by the huge bags of film they brought and how quickly they went through a roll.  Of course, now the age of digital photography has turned the ‘lots of shots’ into near limitless amount of shots as the failures have a near zero cost. 

And if you are interested in photography, you should check out two budding Microsoft technologies – Deepzoom and Photosynth – which enable some pretty amazing things with digital photography.