Luke Johnson     Steve Tappin

Apropos to the juxtaposition of the two subjects of this blog, the Leaders in London event not only provided a wealth of insight into Leadership and Management, but also a number of perspectives on the importance and value of failure in both….

  • Richard Reed, Founder and CEO of Innocent Drinks, proclaimed his embrace of failure asserting, “We’ve been screwing up on a daily basis.”
  • Luke Johnson, Chairman Channel 4 and Risk Capital Partners commented, “Better to take a bad decision and correct it later than to procrastinate and sit on the fence.
  • Philip Rosedale, CEO and Founder of Second Life, quoted Steve Jobs’ at Harvard speech, ‘Stay hungry, stay foolish’.
  • Steve Tappin, Managing Partner at Heidrick & Struggles, highlighted “the original Mr Mars…who went bankrupt not once but twice.”