Steve Clayton’s post on the book ‘Showing up for Life’ by the father of Bill Gates…Bill Gates Snr. alludes to the edifying adversities of running afoul of the ‘demo gods’ (not demi gods).

“It’s a good lesson for geeks out there…not matter how much you prepare, the demo Gods have to be shining on you. When they don’t, it’s not the end of the world…as shown by one Chris Capossela with one of the worlds most famous demo failures of Windows 98. I remember thinking at the time “uh oh…he’s toast”….turns out he did okay afterwards.”

If you want to see the Capossela (now Senior Vice President for products like Office, Exchange and Sharepoint) ‘toast’ moment, check out the video above.

For a perspective behind the scenes of when the Billg demos do go all wrong, check out my earlier post ‘Unavoidable Pain’.