Last week, our eldest child, Isley, graduated from Exeter university. She has come a long way from the little girl I used to read bedtime stories to. Now she is writing her own stories and publishing and performing them with great success.

Our favourite book is poet John Ciardi’s The Wish Tree. It lyrically tells the story of a little boy who wishes with all of his heart for a puppy on his birthday. But the night before the big day, his father leaves him with some wise words which he must come to understand. In particular, one big cryptic word that he writes on a piece of paper. This word perplexes the boy as he drifts off to sleep. Most of the book is the imaginative journey the boys takes in a dream that night until eventually he comes to  ‘understands’ the meaning of the word – “TAKECAREOFYOURWISH”.  He learns that having a puppy is great fun and excitement, but comes with serious big-boy responsibility.

The balance of inspiring aspiration and dutiful care lies as the heart of the Leadership-Management balance.

Leaders pursue big dreams; Managers take care of their wish. Both together have a happy puppy!

Congratulations Isley!