Billy Childish

Billy Childish pens an article in the Sunday Times called ‘In Praise of Limitation’. Sort of a variant of praising ‘failure’, ie a failure of possibilities.

He speaks from the first hand experience of having lived a rock and roll lifestyle where fame and fortune gave the delusion that life had no limitations and that this was a good thing. Now, having ‘enjoyed’ that supposedly enviable lack of limitations, he has seen starkly how detrimental and painful it is.

Specifically, Childish presents a 12 point ‘manifesto against the cult of hedonism’ which starts with the following three points (which are my favourites)…

1. Limitations are not obstacles, but what help to make us decent, humane human beings.

2. Reality, as opposed to drug-induced idiocy, enables us to meet ourselves and gives traction in an otherwise gluttonous and pointless existence.

3. If you don’t limit yourself, nature will limit your life for you.