Ignore Everybody on Failure

Hugh MacLeod has been regular inspiration to insights on especially the ‘embracing failure’ posts here – The Merton Prayer, The Genius and the Showing Up, Crazy, Deranged Fools, Futile Marketing, Changers and Contributors, The ‘Mid’ Life Crisis of the American Dream, The Death of Dreams, Seth Godin “The Dip”.  Much of Hugh MacLeod’s ‘Ignore Everybody’ book carries a sub-text of ‘embracing failure’. He openly shares his own frustrations, obstacles and stumbling blocks and paints them as critical passages on his path to personal satisfaction and other successes. But the chapter that elucidates it perhaps the most explicitly is #13 ‘If you accept the pain, it cannot hurt you.’

“The pain of making the necessary sacrifices always hurts more than you think it’s going to. I know. It sucks. That being said, doing something seriously creative is one of the most amazing experiences that one can have, in this or any other lifetime. If you can pull it off, you’ll learn many incredible, magical, valuable things. It’s not doing it – when you know full well you had the opportunity – that hurts for more than any failure.”