When it comes to adversity, it doesn’t come much more challenging than quadriplegia. When it comes to failure, it doesn’t come much more of a mind-f*ck than losing the use of your body. If you want to see profiles in courage, then it’s hard not to put Christopher Reeve in a top 10 list. While inspiration talks from people like Aimee Mullins provide glimpse of this brave skewed world, ‘Murderball’ is – like the sport of ‘wheelchair rugby’ it profiles – a full-on, energetic, charismatic, no-holds-barred tour-de-force.

Echoing Mullins, one of the film’s and sport’s heroes, Mark Zuppan, remarks “I’ve actually done more in a chair than I’ve done able bodied.” His team mate echoes this sentiments when meeting with a group of Iraq war veterans, “I contracted a neurological disorder when I was one, but it’s allowed me to play quad rugby.” Toughest men I’ve seen portrayed on screen.