The Influencer Project

Katie Ledger’s Portfolio Working blog put me onto this intriguing ‘event’ called the ‘The Influencer Project’. 60 Leaders with 60 seconds each to share their insights into social media.The line up was first class and many of these Leaders of online influence have certainly influenced me.  Robert Scoble sparked the blog revolution at Microsoft which swept me up in its wake and started it all for me.  Guy Kawasaki features my blog on his AllTop site and has inspired several posts (Embracing Downturn – Cleansing, Ambitious Failure, Inviting Criticism, Don’t Worry Be Crappy).  Most prominently, Hugh MacLeod is a hero and a friend who inspires countless posts (I now rationed myself as to how often I am allowed to post about something Hugh has drawn or said) who is sorely missed from the London breakfasts and pub crawls.So I signed up and downloaded the transcript for a read through. Pretty quickly my eye glossed over with the long stream of commentary, but I could see that there were lots of gems. So with a train ride to kill and picking up the most widely repeated message of ‘give to others’, I decided to add a bit to the transcript for those folks as time and attention-span starved as I was. I went through and edited the 60 Second comments to 60 Words. I also organised them a bit into common themes (eg. Killer Content, Technical Tactics, Coat Tails). I hope that this Readers Digest version ’60 Leaders in 60 Words’ of this exceptionally fine initiative and collection of wisdom is useful and helpful to some.Advice in the spirit of embracing failure that I picked up at the ‘conference’…“Share both the good and the bad” – Mike Volpe, Hub SpotCapture people’s attention with either complete transparency and complete honesty or really just lie.” – Loren Feldman, 1938 Media“Don’t worry about working your way up the ‘attention ladder’ or networking…[M]ake something truly original, unique, and awe‐inspiring.” – Nathan Hangen, NathanHangen.comDefy convention where it’s appropriate. Not breaking rules for the sake of breaking rules, but there are a lot of people who will tell you what you should write about, how you should behave online, the conventions that you should follow.  Only a few people dare to step outside. And people take notice of that.” – Johnny B. Truant,