Embracing failure is the embodiment of ‘good sportsmanship’. Witness Sandra Bullock and Central Washington University. Another not-so-winner to add to that list is the winner-oops-maybe-not of the recently concluded and virally reported ‘Australia’s Next Top Model’. While many have checked out the clip to experience the sheer horror to all involved. While the presenter Sarah Murdoch in the middle of it all certainly seemed like she was experiencing an out of body terror, I think most expected that the runner-up Kelsey Martinovich who had the big achievement given and yanked away in a matter of minutes would most need of therapy. And yet, Kelsey’s primary concern was consoling the clearly distraught Murdoch. It was an inspiring demonstration of unselfish presence of mind and heart that puts all speeches about world peace to shame.

The pageant organisers smartly embraced this failure in the end by awarding the runner up a range of consolation prizes not to far off what the ‘official’ winner got. But the biggest prize was the class and dignity at which Kelsey will always be able to look back at with pride.