Dunstans Afloat family  

You’d think all these yacht owners in the Monte Carlo arena epitomise embracing success. I write this piece sitting looking out on them taking a lunch break from the SportTel conference in Monaco. But, one family I know is savouring this ocean-faring dream with the most enchanting experiences by embracing failure.

Matt Dunstan is one of my close friends from my time at Microsoft and now one of my personal heroes. He was truly one of the finest managers in the UK subsidiary with a great marketing mind and sense for people. I found it intriguing and frustrating that many in Microsoft’s executive leadership expressed concern that Matt did not exhibit the right attitude because he was not running around frenetically, but was always poised and calm. Yet he repeatedly delivered the top results in the business even after periodic set backs. I thought that I was brave in breaking from the Microsoft mayhem and starting my own business, but Matt went out and started a whole new life.

Matt and his family have rented the house, sold or stored the possessions, took the kids out of school, bought a boat…and have embarked on a two-year sailing trip around the world. Just the first couple of months have yielded a treasure of adventures as well as many poignant illustrations of his embrace of failure.

If the mega-corp is failing your career, then follow your dream.

If the authorities fail to welcome you (with reasonable visa charges), sail to the next port.

If your dinghy fails to stay secured, then make friends and enjoy the serendipity.

He has blogged about all of these adversities and his calm, sensible and usually advantageous responses to them in his ‘Dunstan’s Afloat’ blog.