This piece is my 500th blog post.

Not just here on the two twinned topics of Embracing Failure combined with Leadership and Management, but also including my work on Maldives Complete, Dynamic Work and 70-20-10.

In the spirit of hours of patient toil over more than 5 years, I thought I would feature a piece that celebrates this sentiment. It also reprises the hero of my most visited blog post of all time – Michael Jordan Nike Commercial on Failure. It also touches on the ‘Dream Bubbles’ sub-theme I have been exploring in recent months. As my ‘Old Years Failure’ piece implied, there is nothing magical about the New Year’s clock striking or ball dropping which is going to make those resolutions any more likely to come true.

A lot of people ask me for advice on blogging now (and other areas of alleged expertise). I guess my first tip is to watch this.