Speaking of hardship in the wilderness, my other major blog has nothing to do with Leadership or Failure, but focuses on the Maldives (just another area of interest and exploration). I recently posted a piece on the TV reality show Surivivor – South Africa which is being filmed in the Maldives. So in conjunction with that piece, I thought it apropos to post this gem from Survivor on the other side of the world.

Dumb is the new smart.

One of biggest advantages to the modest demeanour is that rivals underestimate you. I remember in my early days of Microsoft how a number of veterans at the time bemoaned the fact that the company grown beyond small company status and it ‘couldn’t sneak up on people any more.’ Flying under the radar is a great tactical advantage

MSNBC ran a piece about the show last year which underscored this perspective…

“Time and again during “Survivor: Nicaragua,” fans of the show complained loudly that this latest batch of contestants was by far the dumbest group to ever play the game. And during the finale, the proof of that was in the win.”

Sometimes the failure to embrace is not quite so conniving. For the silver lining of entertainment value, check out MSNBC’s list of ‘Dumbest moves in the history of reality TV games’ including a number of Survivor tactical gems.