Rev Steve Chalke London Marathon

I don’t often post on Sunday so I’ve decided to feature something appropriately pious that inspired me earlier in the week on BBC2 Radio’s ‘Pause for Thought’ segment (really a role model for ecumenical inclusiveness in society as this state-sponsored media channel features words of inspiration each morning from about every religious denomination you can imagine).

Friday’s segment featured Rev. Steve Chalke MBE, founder of international charity Oasis and a Baptist Minister who spoke of ‘doubt’ (failure of certainty) in the spiritual experience…

“I love it because I crave certainty. I struggle with ambiguity. I don’t want to spend my days agonising over life’s difficult questions. In common with the rest of humanity, I like things to be beyond doubt; on or off, right or wrong, cut, dried and guaranteed. Yet, ironically, one of the few things we can all be absolutely certain of is that doubt is part of life… So I’ve slowly learnt that faith and doubt aren’t mutually exclusive. Doubt isn’t the opposite of faith; instead it’s actually part of it. Faith and doubt are inextricably linked. Doubt is part of the journey of faith. But this ambiguity isn’t something to be scared of. It’s taken me years, but I’ve slowly learnt that my doubts, fears and struggles along with my probing, questioning and inquiring are all tools of my faith rather than enemies of it. In fact, to put it bluntly, where there’s absolute certainty, there is no room for faith.”

Rev. Chalke echoes strongly the sentiments of Chet Raymo’s ‘Sceptics and True Believers’ and Bill Maher’s Religulous.

Rev. Chalke is running in next week’s London Marathon seeking to top his previous world-record breaking fund raising (in 2007 he raised more than £1.85 million running the race) so without doubt everyone should chip into his inspired and inspiring work. Find out more and donate here.