Hell and Damnation


Someone who needs to hear some of Steve Chalke’s preaching is Marrow’s Chapel in Henderson, North Carolina. The pastor there, Rev. Chad Holtz, was summarily dismissed when he expressed doubt. MSNBC covered the story “Pastor loses job after questioning hell’s existence”…

"We do these somersaults to justify the monster god we believe in," [Holtz] said. "But confronting my own sinfulness, that’s when things started to topple for me. Am I really going to be saved just because I believe something, when all these good people in the world aren’t?"

The existence and nature of ‘hell and damnation’ and its implications on leading a good life and being saved from sin through religion would seem to be a very fruitful area of examination that could strengthen spirituality and goodness. It is the line of exploration that Rev. Rob Bell examines in his book “Love Wins” which sparked the Holtz controversy.