Royal Wedding balcony kiss


After a sterling day yesterday ringing in the royal nuptials with friends and neighbours, what small tokens of wisdom can I offer as a wedding gift to the young couple? The answer is same whether drawing from 25 years of my own wedded bliss or drawing from the many pieces in this blog on embracing failure and leadership. Quoting Terry Starbucker’s post on the ‘7 Most Important Words Any Leader Can Hear or Say’, the magic words are…

“I admit I made a mistake”

Conceding failure strikes to the heart of my father’s sage advice about relationships, “Relationships break down when people spend more effort in trying to be right than in trying to solve problems.”

William and Katherine were certainly the perfect couple on the perfect day.  But frustrations and disagreements will inevitably arise especially with the unconventional stresses will endure in their lives.  If they keep the regal humility they demonstrated countless times yesterday and before, then I think we can all look forward to many happy returns for years to come from this royal love affair.

On a lighter side, the advice also reminds me of a wry portrayal in the classic American comedy ‘Roseanne’ when she and her husband Dan concluded an argument…

Dan: “Roseanne, I’m going to say something that you don’t get to hear very often…’You were right.’”

Roseanne: “And Dan, I’m going to say something that you don’t get to hear very often…’I agree.’”


Lori and Bruce balcony re-enactment

The not-so-newlywed Lynns responding to the crowd’s cheers for a kiss at yesterday’s Royal Wedding neighbourhood celebration.