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Happy Anniversary Gapingvoid!

Today is the 10th anniversary of Hugh MacLeod’s arrival in the blogosphere with his site Gapingvoid. He pioneered so many areas, but especially the concepts of ‘Social Objects’ and using blogging to benefit business (ie. something other than talking about your breakfast). He also led the way in showing how businesses can blog to forge a new customer relationship. While technology companies adopted this medium quite early, other industries didn’t twig it as readily. But Hugh trailblazed its use in tailoring, art, wine, among others.

Hugh has been a constant source of inspiration for me and my various, much more modest forays into the blogosphere. I’ve posted on his work a dozen times. I was one of the first literally card-carrying ‘Blue Monster’ aficionados. The Blue Monster captured the spirit of the best in Microsoft (though requiring a bit of diplomacy on my behalf to negotiate a compromise with the brand police on using the imagery). He and his business manager gave me permission to use his ‘Create or Die’ image in my ‘Dynamic Work’ logo. I am especially proud to call him a friend. We’ve shared breakfast muffins and late night beers back when he was ensconced in London.

Perhaps our most tightly shared interest is the concept of ‘following ones dreams’. Both of us take a bit of a harsher, even darker, approach to this subject which has all too many cheerleaders of the ‘positive thinking’ brigade pumping out hollow platitudes about what is in reality a much more torturous and complex subject.

So from Microsoft’s Blue Monster, to Dynamic Work, to daily insights and inspirations, Hugh finds a way to capture the essence of so many my perspectives and aspirations. He even recently prompted a post in my Maldives Complete blog. In fact, I have over two dozen pieces queued up based on Hugh’s works that I will post over time when I find apropos occasions. But today, on his milestone anniversary, I will share a couple of my recent favs that underscore my core themes here of Leadership and Management as well as Turning Adversity to Advantage.

Gapingvoid Excellence in Excellence