Unitarian chalice


Everyone needs a lottery ticket.
Beware the perversions of Hope – ‘False Hope’ and ‘Expectations’.
Dreams can die like blossoms whose season has past.

Those were the three points to the talk I did yesterday at Rosslyn Hill Chapel. The church is still between ministers and guest speakers are helping to conduct the services until September. My talk expanded from the ‘Qualities of Failure’ service that I did last year, and centred more on the topic I have explored more recently here of Dreams.

“Nothing is life in certain. And I guess that the starting point for Hope. We would all like a better life, a better situation, a better world. And if we could be certain of them, then we would not need Hope…just Patience. But as the sportsman who proposes a little wager says, ‘Let’s make this interesting.’ The uncertainty of life is what makes life full of wonder, challenge, character and…Hope.

Today, I want to explore those three dimensions of Hope briefly – its vitality, its purity, and its mortality.”

I was supported if not upstaged by my daughter Isley reading a couple of her poems (included in the talk document) and my wife Lori singing ‘Un Bel Di’ from Madam Butterfly (the ultimate aria about Hope).

The complete sermon and Isley’s poems are available here.