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‘Glory of Failure’ the network, the book, and now the tour.

While the digital world provides unparalleled connection to others, it’s all nonetheless a bit intangible and anonymous. There are networking gatherings for everything under the sun these days so why not ‘Failure’.

The event stemmed from a task force in the RSA Fellows ‘Glory of Failure’ project that sat down and invested some time in really dissecting the subject in a methodical and academic way. The result was their collaborative publication ‘The Failure Files’. And the evening was largely presenting a number of excerpts from the book.

Still, the evening was not all analysis and lecture. They invited John Smallshaw to recite some poetry he had written inspired by the topic. And throughout the evening, presenting was punctuated by quite lively discussion sections all orchestrated by mistress of ceremonies Roxanne Persaud.

The highlight for me was David Hillson’s, the Risk Doctor, introductory address overview the framework of Failure the group had derived (coincidentally, David and I served on a forum panel about Entrepreneurship a few years back). It was one of the first methodical and structured treatments I had seen to start defining ‘what is this thing’ and ‘how do we look at it.’ The domain is full of people writing examples and illustrations of failure in action, I’ve found little like David’s work that really dissects it from first principles. He introduced the notions of ‘Comfort Zones’ and ‘Failure Zones’ and developed an intriguing model of a cycle of pushing boundaries.

If I fail to satisfy all your thirst for embracing failure, then the Failure Files website and blog has even more fresh and intriguing pieces to sample.

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