Leilah Poulain penguin


One of the most classic dreams is an artist being discovered. Sometimes it comes from hard work of slogging through auditions and submissions. Sometimes it comes from paying ones dues in chorus work and corporate design. Sometimes is comes by mistake.

The new artist hitting the headlines is not just new to the art world, but new to the world full stop at the diminutive age of 7. Leilah Poulain work is hitting the headlines today as it has hitting the art world all from a typo…

“Leilah’s mother, Rebekah, 34, tried to download the artwork to a private online folder at home. Instead, she accidentally uploaded it to a public file which automatically entered Leilah, from Torquay, into a national competition. A year later I’d forgotten about it, and then I got an email saying Leilah was a Saatchi winner.’

(thanks Chase)