Was failure the key to the Mav’s success?

Michael Ventre of MSNBC made the prescient pre-final assessment of the Miami Heat vs. Dallas Mavericks match up that Dirk Nowitski’s mindset, tempered by hauntingly familiar failure when the same two teams met in 2006, might be the key to their vengeful triumph this year…

“This time, [Dirk] doesn’t really care. Oh, he certainly wants to win with all his heart. But he doesn’t seem to be concerned with the world’s view of him anymore. He’s over that. He’s been beaten up, and has grown thicker armor as a result. He appears more light-hearted and relaxed, and oddly that has intensified his killer instinct.”

The Maverick’s hearkened back to another legendary hoops player inspired by failure whose story remains my most visited post of all time.