Borlase Rowing Broken Blade Award


We talk about giving awards for failure (eg. Penguin Award), but how much do we practice it and really celebrate the big, stonking doozers. Yesterday, we held our annual end of year event for Team Borlase Rowing. The culmination of the seasons includes some fun ‘family double’ racing and awards for outstanding performances like ‘Rower of the Year’, ‘Coaches Award’ and ‘Most Improved’.

But the ‘biggest’ award (in size) is the coveted ‘Broken Blade’. This recognition is given to the athlete with the biggest, most dramatic crash, crab, ‘train wreck’ failure of the year. Recalling the incident always brings a bit of a smile to everyone’s faces including the culprit. And while it is meant somewhat in fun, there is a serious message behind it that I underscore when I present it. Very often these ‘failures’ come as the result of someone who was simply pushing the boundaries as hard as they could. They certainly don’t come from someone having a leisurely paddle down the river. That spirit of abandon, more ‘wrecking’ than ‘reckless’ in this case, is nonetheless a powerful ingredient to having in a winning boat.