Rubbish - Allister Frost on bad reviews

Allister introduced me to blogging when he worked on my Microsoft team half a decade ago and proposed it as a more efficient and effective way of connecting with customers than paying a web agency thousands of pounds to post the latest collateral and press releases on our website. His own blog ‘A Marketer in a Digital World’ is one of the tops on social media and digital marketing.

Great to see my ethos of embracing failure has rubbed off on him at least as evidenced in his latest post ‘How to Deal with Negative Reviews’

“Interestingly, a few bad reviews alongside good reviews can even have a positive overall effect as this study from Stanford Business School shows. So, embrace the bad reviews. Welcome them as a chance to show you listen and want to improve. If your product or service needs fixing, fix it fast. And then make sure that your negative reviewers can see how much you appreciated their feedback and put right their grievances, no matter what it takes.”