Management Mythology

Speaking of Management mythology, BNET, my favourite business website, has a nifty piece on the “Top 10 Management Myths” which hit the two central themes of this blog, Leadership and Management as well as embracing failure (respectively below)…

“Leadership and management are unrelated. I hear this all the time and it’s a huge misconception. While it is true that there are different skill-sets, they’re still intimately related. The truth is that good management skills make better leaders and the converse is also true. I would argue that great management requires excellent leadership skills.”

“Bad managers are a bad thing. It’s ironic that society is okay with bad spouses, bad marriages, bad workers, bad professionals – hell, bad people – but not bad bosses. Listen carefully: there’s a bell curve for all things involving people. It’s reality; it can never and will never change. Deal with it. “