Success and Failure

Speaking of BNET lists, another nice piece from BNET on the ’12 Rules for Business Success’ included a third of the suggestions ‘embracing failure’ (with the third sound advice for those facing Rain Dances in their organisation)…

  • Success builds confidence, “but life-lessons come from failure. That means real personal and professional growth comes primarily from failure and losing. Moreover, you’ll never truly understand that until you’ve been on the receiving end of a few knockout punches.”
  • Bounce back fast. “When you get knocked down – and you will, over and over again – the sooner you get up, brush yourself off, learn what you can, get your chin up, and get back to business, the better. Not just for you, but for everyone to see, including your competitors.”
  • Challenge conventional wisdom. “Things change. That means challenge the status quo, authority, sacred cows, ‘the way it’s done,’ anything that sounds even remotely like a generalization that your gut tells you may not apply in the current situation.”
  • Know when to quit.Killing projects, quitting jobs, pulling the plug on investments, terminating partnerships, firing people, even shooting customers – they’re all things nobody likes to do, and yet, they’re just as critical as starting something new. If you’re not good at stopping things, they’ll drain your resources, kill your productivity, and limit your opportunity.”