Aidan Lloyd

For me, this past week was not just ‘back to school’, but ‘back to school friends’. My wife Lori organised a number of birthday celebrations (big one this year) with both my high school and college friends. One friend who I got to see, Aidan Lloyd, has been a kind and helpful supporter of my blog writing from its inception. He wrote in my birthday greeting…

“All three of us [with Aidan’s brother Owen] participated in Math League, so I guess we were sort of geeky, before that was cool.”

It brought to mind a piece by ‘Failure Mag’ itself titled ‘The Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth’ with the subtitle ‘Quirk Theory—and why high school outcasts are most likely to succeed’…

“One is that being excluded in school doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with you. In fact, it probably means that you’re going to be an exceptional adult. And two, popularity doesn’t make you happy. Popularity is just this empty reputational construct.”

Neither Aidan nor I were party hounds in high school, and I we both have grown up with lots of success to be thankful for so there are a couple of random data points in support.