Red Bee Media Piero v9

People queuing up for the latest version, gorgeous design, innovative features, market leading technology.

Those are just some of the parallels between Apple and very own Piero products. The queues for the just released Version 9.1 major release may be a bit shorter than those for the iPhone 4S, but the expectational fever is no less intense!

The Jesse Emery piece came from our Technology and Development Manager Sean Hosking who was sharing it with the development team promoting its lesson of not just adding good, new code, but also taking the time to jettison old, bad code. Emery’s entire piece mentioned in the Steve Jobs post last week is about maintaining that balance of introducing new stuff while embracing the failure and getting rid of as much old stuff…

“There’s a whole school of thought that quantity of features is directly proportional to what you can charge for software. While clearly this is true in practice, that doesn’t mean that it’s not incredibly stupid. Every new feature makes your software more complex to use. If that lets you sell ‘training’ then well, kudos to your current quarterly revenue, but somewhere along the way somebody is going to come out with a competitor product that’s easier to use and you’re going to find yourself in that red zone. And never, ever, ever impose a new feature on your entire user base because one big customer asked for it.”

Sean shared this with the dev team and then added his own commentary months ago at the outset of building this new version…

“It’s a particularly good point to think about this, as I reckon we are just creeping out of the blue zone and into the red. At home, whenever Claire buys a new pair of shoes I encourage her to send an old pair to the charity shop (I don’t get my way very often though!). Vince is doing a good job at starting to rationalising the UI and clear out some things. If you have any suggestions of clutter, redundant features or ‘old shoes for recycling’ then please let us know.”

Developers are notorious for resorting to short-cuts and kludges to workaround a nettlesome issue or simply make a deadline. Everyone says they will come back to it to clean it up…but few rarely do.

Leaders innovate brilliant new features, Managers get rid of the crap.