HBR Failure Issue


Failure is not all bad news to business. In fact, there is so much silver to be mined from those linings that business bastion Harvard Business Review devoted an entire issue to ‘Failure’.

My years of investigation into the subject of failure has found lots of material on ‘lifestyle’ perspectives out there. Sort of ‘Chicken Soup for Failure’ variety. But less for the nuts and bolts of business. And a lot of the business stuff is more anecdotal and less analytical.

Characteristic of anything out of HBS, the issue is peppered with case studies in featured ‘Failure Chronicles’ including top executives from Trade Joes, Endeavor, Cue Ball, Elevation Partners, Humane Society, Mandalay Entertainment and Rose Park Advisors. But it comes at the subject from about a dozen different perspectives complete with some quite useful analytical frameworks. I’ve draft about a half dozen entries on various insights gleaned which I will post in the coming weeks including one tomorrow.