Enlightened Spirituality


Normally, I present reflections on scepticism under the category of ‘embracing failure’. Sceptics are never accepting things for their own sake and always embrace the possibility of their faults. But Chet had a piece that captured the essence of his ‘Sceptics and True Believers’ message that I felt also subtly echoed the delicate balance between Leadership and Management in a similar fashion to Hugh

“If we are to collectively reconcile science and faith, each of us must individually confront this tension in our lonely solitude. The person of faith can acknowledge the dignity and rational primacy of science, and the skeptical empiricist can open himself or herself to the abiding presence of the unanswered "Why?", who is simultaneously the deus revelatus (the god who is revealed) and deus absconditus (the god who hides).”

Leadership is about envisioning upside possibilities and that vision is a form of ‘revelation’. Managers are always questioning established gospel to guard against potential pitfalls or problems.

Leaders exalt deus revelatus; Managers seek deus absconditus. Both together steward divinely.