Piero EA


Our big holiday treat at Piero was unwrapped this week on Sky Monday Night Football. Many kids ask Santa for a games console and top video games from Christmas under the tree, and now Piero gives them console graphics for Sky’s sports replays. Actually, more like re-enactments.

The capability is the results of world leader in video games – Electronic Arts (EA). The best of sports graphics for TV (Piero) and for gaming (EA) united in partnership.

As would befit the most innovative of companies, EA is also a big embracer of failure. Logan Westbrook writes

  • “EA boss John Riccitiello thinks failure is an inevitable part of success, and that it’s possible to turn failures into victories, as long as you ‘fail well.’ Riccitello says that EA realized it was failing four years ago, but was able to starting turning things around by embracing this fact…EA was strengthened by embracing its past failings. ‘We were students of our own failure, we used our failure to shape and impel us to a better strategy, one that we believe will ultimately succeed in ways that our previous strategy, even if perfectly executed, could never have done.’”