Bruce 2010 Fail   Bruce and Lori 2012

Before                                                                         After

Last year, I started ‘Old Year’s Failures’ in lieu of ‘New Years Resolutions’. I confessed to several downfalls of 2010. It turns out that all of these did get a reprieve with happier outcomes in 2011. I embraced their failure, I learned from the failures, and I moved on…

  • More marital understanding –Relationships are always in flux and always require attention and investment.  I think this area of my life  has continued to move in the right direction. It certainly feels like we are more sync and less stressed than at most other times in our lives.
  • Procrastinated house projects – Done. The new walkway (see photo above) now graces the place that was the embarrassing mud pit illustrating last year’s post. And I punted on refinishing the lawn furniture getting some of the young Borlase rowers, Grace and Emma, who were raising money for a South Africa trip to not only refurb those, but also paint our garden shed. Win.
  • Dynamic Work blogging – I didn’t make a lot of progress until recently and this week I have drafted a number ready for the new year so hopefully more momentum on this front.
  • Converting Videos to DVD not computer files – Done. The product was a few 50th birthday gifts for Lori (stay tuned on the same Bat-page for more on this tomorrow).  Big win…but only through lots of little failure embraces.

So what are my failures?

  • 300 lb. – Resurrecting my fitness dream, I have been more diligent than ever in strength training. I got up to 280 lbs, but not the magic 300 milestone.
  • Work objectives – A number of work objectives I set for myself (and set by my stakeholders) came up just shy in a few areas. The Piero group is thriving with more success and prospects than ever, but the timing of our ambitions was perhaps a bit to aggressive. The first half of this fiscal year (started in June) is off to a roaring start so I’m hoping to make up the lost ground.

Happy New Year! May all your old 2011 failures be not forgotten.