Sometimes the failed attempts are better than the successful ones.

That’s a lesson that rang true with Lori’s 50th birthday celebration. The highlight of the elaborate event was the ‘Making of 50 Year Old Spice’ which was essentially an out-takes collection of goofs, flubs and bloopers.

The original intent was a fun way to present a special collection of gifts (5 treats for 5 decades with an Italian link – spa in Bellagio, sailing to the Greek Isles, tickets to Arena di Verona, a black pearl necklace, and a horseback riding trip around Lake Como). To appreciate it, you need to watch the original Old Spice advert (Lori’s favourite commercial of all time) that inspired it, then watch the take on it that our kids and I cobbled together.

Our daughter Isley gets full credit for spinning the flax to pure cinema gold. Lori says that she watches this clip every morning now just to start her day off with a smile. Smile