Windows 2


Seth’s own Saturday post today, ‘I was wrong’, is a perfect second Seth-urday piece combining both embracing failure and leadership…

  • “In 1993, I saw the web coming. I was hired to write the cover story for a now defunct computer magazine about the internet, and dismissed the new Mosaic browser in a single paragraph. I figured the web was just like Prodigy, but slower, harder to use and without a business model. About as expensive a wrong analysis as a single entrepreneur with an email company could make in 1993. The reason it was an insanely valuable lesson: I got better at announcing that I was wrong, learning from it and doing the next thing. Politicians, of course, are terrible at this. They are never wrong, apparently, and when they are, spin instead of admitting it. Which not only hurts their trustworthiness, it prevents them from learning anything. Two elements of successful leadership: a willingness to be wrong and an eagerness to admit it.”

Sounds like an early supporter for the ‘Failure Party’. Reminds me of a similar epic fail of prescience on my own behalf. In 1988, my good friend Russell Siegelman had spent a couple of years at the surging Microsoft and encouraged me to consider joining. My clueless response was, “You guys just released Windows 2.0…what are you going to do for a follow up act??” Well, its turns out plenty. And when in 1994 I read about Microsoft’s plans for a breakthrough server OS, Windows NT, in 1994, I didn’t make the same mistake twice.