Juggling for the Complete Klutz


If you need help learning to fail (so that failure can help you learn), then maybe you need a ‘Complete Klutz’ guide…

  • “1977, three bright students who graduated from Stanford University had an idea. Using a mimeograph machine as a printing press, they self-published a book…The name of the book was Juggling for the Complete Klutz. The book launched a publishing company named Klutz Press. I am sure you have seen Klutz Press books. They are very distinctive because the book is usually packaged with all the materials needed to complete an art project, science experiment or some type of athletic endeavor. Klutz Press has literally become a fixture in the world of book and toy stores selling millions of books since it was first created by three young people who thought anyone could be taught how to juggle. They did that by embracing failure as a core design feature. If you have read the Klutz juggling book you know it is full of uplifting cartoons and funny comments about the challenges inherent in juggling. It tells you the many tricks of the trade and explains technique. Most importantly, the book is sold with three square soft juggling balls. It comes with these three practice balls, because you will drop the ball. You will drop the ball again and again as you learn to juggle. The balls are square so they will not roll. They are soft so they will not bounce. This book is a best seller because it embraced the lessons that failure taught.”

(tip of the hat to Regina Holiday’s Medical Advocacy blog)