Falling off a rock face would seem to be one example of preferred pain (if not the searing burn of muscles clinging for dear life). As I investigated Dynamic and Static Strength, I came upon a number of rock climbing pieces which underscored the importance of knowing how to ‘Fall’

Here is the advice from the Indoor Climbing guide which really could be applied to life itself…

  • “Performance Climbing Tip #12 Taking a Good Fall. No matter how good you are, you will fall. If you don’t you are not pushing yourself to your limit. Falling is part of climbing and it is a skill to learn just like any other aspect of good climbing technique. There is a basic fear of falling in humans, which is part of the underlying thrill of climbing. This fear may be debilitating to people new to climbing but as you get more experience with falling the more comfortable you will become. This is a mental control skill to develop. There are some basic techniques you can use to help you get over this fear and help you take a fall safely. Take a deliberate fall in a safe spot. Tell your belayer you are going to take a practice fall. Have him “take” and “lock off”, then push off in a controlled way, away from the wall, and let the rope come tight. Then say to yourself, “that wasn’t so bad”, get back on the wall. Now you have confidence to push yourself to try difficult moves even if it means falling. That is an important aspect of developing and improving your rock climbing technique: You need to be able to push yourself to your maximum ability…which means you will fall. Most falls should be a surprise. Yes, you will feel most of them coming, but the actual moment you pop off the wall should be a surprise. So, as you climb make sure you are ready for the fall at any time by following these techniques.”