Go Pats!

My hometown team is back in the Super Bowl fight with the AFC Championship in front of them today en route to a possible 5th Super Bowl in in the past decade. For many, a Super Bowl trip is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. For the Pats, it happens every other year. And yet, it is their failures in those off years that drive them forward according to Mike Freeman’s report on CBS Sports, “Motivated by failure, the Pats are the playoffs’ most-dangerous team”…

  • “You lose a few playoff games it sits on your mind for quite a while,” Patriots quarterback Tom Brady said. The Patriots are the most dangerous team left in the playoffs not solely because of Brady and that formidable offense but because they’ve been motivated by two years of not advancing deep into the postseason. They’re like the cinematic monster the audience believes was killed by the nuke but comes back years later hungrier and nastier.”

Their hallowed leader, Tom Brady, is a talent forged in the crucible of failure. His high school football team had a losing record, he was a backup QB in college, and ultimately was drafted a lowly 4th round selection entering the NFL. Still, 3 Super Bowl rings takes some of the sting out of such failures.