Happy Australia Day mates!

Australia is just as full of poisonous biting things as it is of cheery sunshine. In fact, recently Australia is suffering an unprecedented rash of shark attacks. They typically get about 3 attacks each year, but they have had that many in the past 3 weeks already in 2012!

Everyone fears the Jaws star, the Great White, but actually the real hazard is the Tiger Shark. A tiger shark has been behind the recent spate and was also the culprit in a recent release, Soul Surfer. The film is about the story of Bethany Hamilton, a champion surfer who had part of her arm bitten off by a tiger shark attack, but continued with her sport professionally with even greater success. The Sunday Times’ piece “Hey, shark get out of my wave” (which is unfortunately paywalled, but Mirror has another piece here) tells the story and shares her upbeat perspective…

  • “I wouldn’t call it unlucky. Look at all the good that has come out of it…It’s really good. The only problem about it is that you have to paddle a long way before you catch the surf.

When the Oscar nominations were announced earlier this week, they should have included a category for ‘Best Embrace of Failure’ with ‘Soul Surfer’ the top contender.

Soul Surfer Bethany Hamilton