Gapingvoid - It was OK


For all of those you who failed to get the Valentine they wanted to day…

Pain, acceptance, persistence. All echoing Seth’s post, but by fellow Godin fan, Hugh MacLeod in his post “You Broke My Heart (and it was ok)”

  • “As Nelson Algren famously said, ‘The Horror is, there is no Horror.’ If I made a list of the five worse things that happened to me, they turned out not to be that big of a deal eventually. I find that reassuring, somehow. Like a rabbi once told me, "This time will pass, just like all the other ones’. It’s when you don’t feel pain at the time, that’s when you have to be worried…”

It also echoes my earlier piece ‘Impact Bias’ with the note that “a recent study showing how major life traumas affect people suggest that if it happened over 3 months ago, with only a few exceptions, it has no impact whatsoever on your happiness.”

One of BNET’s “12 Ways to Turn Around a Terrible Day” advises one of the first rules of embracing failure, Keep perspective.”  It goes on to propose, “Ask yourself: “Will this matter in a month? In a year?”