Seth Godin Translucent and Transparent


After Seth-urday pieces on Dream Bubbles and Embracing Failure, it seems time for one on Leadership and Management. Especially, since Seth has obliged with an appropriate piece of his own today

  • “There’s an argument for transparency. If you make it easy for people to see right through you, the thinking goes, you are easier to trust. The market, though, often seeks out the translucent. Things that glow. We’re drawn to the glow, to the illumination and warm feeling it brings. We’d like our tools and our replaceable institutions to be transparent. We want the bank and the radiologist and the tax man to be totally clear and invisible, so they can get out of the way and we can focus on what’s true. But the brands and experiences and legends that lead to stories and affection and connection–it would be better if they glowed instead.”

Leaders radiate the translucent glow of inspiration, Manage expose the insight of transparency. Both together enlighten the most powerful truths.