Bounce Back


Didn’t I ever tell you about Bumbles?  Bumbles bounce!”Yukon Cornelius

Bounce Back! is a programme from Australia to help school teach failure to children. Actually, it is teaching resilience, risk taking, coping, but at the heart is embracing failure in every day life and turning such adversities to advantage. The Evening Standard reports

  • “’Bounce back’ experts will train teachers from 60 schools in resilience skills, 15 have so far signed up. Chris Jones, Founding Director of the Young Foundation’s Resilience project, which is running the teacher training, said pupils need to learn about failure now more than ever: "In the past we probably had a harder life in some respects. We didn’t take things for granted. Dr Helen Wright, head of St Mary’s Calne school in Wiltshire, said teenagers were leaving school unable to fend for themselves: ‘There is a danger that we wrap our children in cotton wool, we have become less tolerant of risk-taking.’ She added that schools were banning the type of activities that increase pupils’ resilience – such as playing with conkers or in the snow. She said: ‘If these silly rules persist, we will be bringing up a generation of fearful children.’

The first UK workshops start today.