Bounce Back” is not just for kids.

Jane Clarke and Dr. John Nicholson have penned a book on the subject “Resilience: Bounce Back From Whatever Life Throws At You.” If you are interested in a distilled version of the book, the Daily Mail did a nice feature piece on it here.

  • “Nicholson is director of Nicholson McBride, one of Europe’s leading psychology consultancies. After spending a quarter of a century working with people who run challenging organisations successfully, he noted that resilience is the common factor among them. ‘Having a high IQ and strong emotional intelligence were crucial to an individual’s success, but there is a third quality – resilience – which is often overlooked,’ he says. ‘You can be clever and good with people, but tenacity combined with a determination to persevere in the face of tough challenges is also critical to success.’…’Resilience is made up of several different components rather than a single idea, which may explain why there’s relatively little research into the concept,’ he says….Nicholson’s research also found that resilience isn’t genetically set at birth through our genes. Instead, significant events throughout our teens and 20s have a huge impact on our levels of resilience. Additionally, his findings indicate that an unstable and difficult childhood need not blight an individual for the rest of their life. Instead, a certain degree of turbulence can increase your determination and tenacity in later life.”

The book goes through 5 key factors that make resilient individuals stand out from their counterparts:

  1. Optimism
  2. Freedom from stress and anxiety
  3. Willingness to take personal accountability
  4. Openness and adaptability
  5. Positive and dynamic approach to problem solving.

Bounce Back Factor