Kubler-Ross grief cycle


Sometimes you need to bottom out before you ‘bounce’.

Mentor, coach and friend Mike Pegg elaborates more deeply on the grieving and rejuvenating to the death of dreams

  • “Many people became angry with bankers, politicians and others during the ‘credit crunch’. Beneath anger there is often a sense of hurt. Sometimes there may need to be a period of mourning – for a relationship that has passed or a time that has gone. Sometimes the grief is for a dream that has been broken or deferred. During the credit crunch, for example, individuals said things like: ‘I was planning on retiring in 5 years, but now it looks more like 10, if ever!…I was thinking of leaving the company and setting up my own business. But now I plan to stay here. The job is not particularly fulfilling. But at least it’s a job.’ Sometimes there can be an upside to broken or deferred dreams – though it may be hard to see this at the time. Imagine that you have gone through – or are going through – such a process. Let’s explore how you can deal with the mourning and reframe or rebuild the dream.”

Mike goes into the Kubler-Ross grief cycle (see diagram above), examines managing the ‘transition’ and provides practical steps for recovering in the future.  The grief cycle is built on the spirit of embracing ‘failure’ incarnated as ‘loss’ by embracing the grief and the essential healing it provides.