Gapingvoid - Productive Stupidity


Maybe we need a ‘Stupidity Faire’ because sometimes great business don’t start out as strokes of genius. Hugh MacLeod would already have the poster for it (above).

But embracing stupid is not just for entrepreneurship. It can be just as useful for intrapreneurship as Tom Peters describes (thanks Bret). He tells the story a ‘red button’ that employee pushed that is for “Found something stupid that we are doing that interferes with our ability to service the customer. Tell us about it, and if we agree, we will give you $50.”

He explains that ‘systems’ are as critical as they hazardous. He advises that the best companies…

They put the systems in place and then immediately go to war on those systems.”

This balancing act at first seemed to evoke a parallel with Leadership and Management. But I couldn’t figure out between ‘putting systems in’ and ‘going to war on them’ was the upside ambition and which was the downside avoidance.