Stevyn Cogan’s Coganology has a wealth of material about risk and failure including a fun piece on ‘crappy’ art’ called Pursuit of Crappyness

  • “I reckon Stephen Pile got it right when he wrote: ‘Success is overrated. Everyone craves it despite daily proof that Man’s real genius lies in quite the opposite direction. Incompetence is what we are good at: it is the quality that marks us off from animals and we should learn to revere it.’ Pile started a club called The Not Terribly Good Club of Great Britain to celebrate cruddiness but was then sacked from the President’s post because his Book of Heroic Failures was such a big success. If you want to read my previous posts on the joy of being crappy do read here (where you’ll find a link to the late great Kenny Everett’s Bottom 30 radio shows), here or here. Meanwhile, here are some of the worst album covers I’ve ever seen. You can see more here and here. Aren’t they wonderful? Crappy is the new Cool.”


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