Ipswich Television


My embrace of failure is not a trendy, new realisation, nor something I just like to preach but not practice. It must be something that is pretty deeply ingrained from way back. I’m stopping at the family home in Boston en route back from the Piero glory at March Madness in New Orleans. My Dad told me that he had bumped into one of my old high school teachers, Ron Toleos, who recounted…

  • “I knew Bruce would be a success when after hurting his shoulder in football, he used it as an opportunity to learn how to write with his opposite hand.”

I’d say my broadcast career also started with Ron. He convinced Ipswich High School to buy a video recording camera and deck and started a school club dubbed “Ipswich Television” or affectionately as “ITV”. Back in 1974, this black-and-white reel-to-reel tape deck had less video capability than my iPhone, but cost about $10,000 (which was even more back then). Still, it introduced me to the magic of video media and I still take pride in my ‘Mr Dependable’ award I received from the club. Not even a separated shoulder was going to stop me.